Handmade at our very own confectionery, our authentic French Macarons make delightful desserts for festive parties or a fun treat for yourself and a friend. At around 80 calories each and made with no gluten containing ingredients, these sweet treats are great for sharing and offering as a gift for any occasion.

Basil white chocolate, Belgium Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Chocolate Praline, Coconut, Colombian Coffee, Ginger Bread, Lavender White Chocolate, Lemon, Madagascar Black Vanilla, Mango**, Mint White Chocolate, Orange Grand Marnier, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Raspberry**, Red Velvet, Rose, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Key Lime**, Violet Cassis.
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Box of 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36 and gift boxes 6, 12, 20

Seasonal Macarons – Mon Cheri ( Jan.-Feb.), Easter (Mar.-Apr.), 4th of July (June-July), Pumpkin (Oct.-Nov.)

Availability may vary
*Indicates made with Gluten Free ingredients **Indicates Dairy Free

French Gelato & Sorbets

Think about topping it with a Macaron for a great dessert and a great deal.

Almond Macaron, American Cookie, Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate Chips, Coffee, Mint, Pistachio, Vanilla, Orange Sorbet*, Pineapple Sorbet*, Raspberry Sorbet*, Mango Sorbet*
(check available flavors in store)


Baked Fresh Daily – Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, Apple turnover, Almond Croissant/Chocolate Almond croissant, Savories (Ricotta&Spinach, Egg&Bacon, Ham&Cheese) etc.

Mini-Beignets (Hazelnut Chocolate or Mixed Berries)
Madeleines (chocolate chip or lemon)

Selection of Large Cakes (Serves 8-9; Please order 24 hours in Advance) – Alcazar Cake, Macaron Cake, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Raspberry Cake, Gateau Choco-Coconut etc.*(check availability in store)

Chocolates & Confiseries

Fine Chocolates especially designed by our chocolatier.

Meringues (Violet, Strawberry, Plain, Chocolate) etc., for any special occasion

Get them by the piece or Gift box of 10 or 24.
You can also mix them with Macarons.
Mixed Gift Boxes:
Box of 6: 2 Chocolates/4 Macarons – 3 Chocolates/3 Macarons – 4 Chocolates/2 Macarons
Box of 12: 4 Chocolates/8 Macarons – 6 Chocolates/6 Macarons – 8 Chocolates/4 Macarons
Box of 20: 10 Chocolates/10 Macarons

Coffees, Hot Chocolates & Teas

Our Baristas has created a range of delicious Lattes and Mochas, available all year long or seasonal.
All our specialty coffee drinks are made with Nespresso coffee – freshly made coffee in every single cup.
Ask for our drinks menu.

We serve every day Americano coffee Colombian blend.
Ask for our Morning special Coffee+Croissant or Coffee+Savory

We offer a selection of teas from Mariages Frères, English breakfast or Earl grey as well as Iced tea

Cold Drinks & Wines

Assorted cold drinks

including cold lattes,

Wines and Champagne

Ask for our drinks menu

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